Peel my skin away, reveal the cracks that lay below. You see this wall and say its perfect, its chemistry a mastery of balance and equation. But behind this paint, behind this plaster, lays a broken shell of support. A damaged partition that holds no strength. Peel away each part of my covers, peel it off and throw it away. Show my flesh to the light of day, and let it rot in the darkest nights of dawn. Let it sprawl out in deathly demise. Let it wriggle and crawl to the edges of the earth. Let it whisper destruction and scream damnation. Let it sing you its perishing song and let it seduce you to suicide. Let my flesh reek of nothing more than silence, a purity of the end, and what is not to come. Let my flesh feel like sadness, as though mourning and grief could not beg enough. Let my flesh taste like bad memories and premonitions of the future that hold no hope. Let my flesh sound delicious to the mind, delicious to the soul, but fatal to the body. Let my flesh look as though it could be deemed pretty, beautiful and attractive, but be something else entirely like a mirror ready to be cracked. Peel my skin away to reveal my flesh, reveal all that lays below, so that I may lay here, 6 feet below you, sound and content. Peel my skin back, let me die here in peace.

Well versed in the ethics of the trade. You tick me now and I’ll pay you later. We spliff now and we drink when we’re done. We enjoy our mates and chill till its over. We don’t leave a man behind, we let them kick back and relax. Put on a few good tunes will we chop this up. It’ll be ready in a minute, so if you want hold your breath. Because it’ll be two tokes and across your body to the left hand side where you’re mates will be sitting. 

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You heard it here first folks, Bats was here

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"When you hear the sirens of an ambulance do you ever wonder when they will be for you?"

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Anonymous: Who in your opinion was the starter of the urbex scene in Sydney, Melbourne etc..? Specifically rooftops and metro tunnels?


Cave Clan


Tonight’s Thought

I don’t know what happens, but it just comes over me so quickly. It just hits like a single wave and then its gone, as though the tide came and washed it all away. But thats not true is it, because here I am left with the scars of what I’m dealing with. Only this time I’m drowning in it. I wonder if I’ll wake up… or maybe this nightmare won’t ever end…

A slick day in the city

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Don’t you turn away from me, don’t you deny my existence, my purpose, my passion, my reason, myself. Don’t you dare do this to me. How could you after all that your promised me. And yet here you sit, all alone exactly how you wanted to be. Serves you right. So go on about your day, go on about your life, because while I’ll be here, you’ll be there, but you won’t be going anywhere.

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Anonymous: Ways to get over someone?

The number one way to get over someone is to go out and do what YOU want to do. Go and out and meet new people. Work on personal projects and go after things you couldn’t do while you were in relationship. Ultimately the best way to get over someone is to invest in yourself. Focus on your wants and needs and you’ll find you won’t need anything else. And when you get to that point you will be able to offer so much more to the next lovely person that comes your way. (: but to be honest. I’m no where near there but i am working at it. So I feel you pain anon. I truly do. Love is a fickle thing and needs to be treated with the utmost respect. So stay strong and keep at it

Let the world just wash away as I lay here. Let me just drift away into a place beyond this and learn to just let all go. Let me slumber, let me dream, let me imagine, let me live.


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I’ll be kind to you

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Anonymous: Pursuing anything romantic with anyone at the moment ?

I’m pursuing this old emotion they call happiness. It’s a pretty important emotion they say, and it’s something that has been lost through the ages. So I’m trying to locate it as best I can. Can’t say romance can come without a smile.

Anonymous: pap of your best friend(s)? i want to see who inspires you

whats a pap? also you sent this message twice so i can reply to the other one haha

"we’re going to die", she said as she led me down the stairs towards the ocean waves.

"we’re going to die?!" I replied back almost shocked at what I heard, but I’d known that fact for months now, learning ever so quickly how closely we stand to the edge of the cliff they call life.

"no silly" she said as she turned back to me placing a single kiss on my lips. She held me close now, not tightly, but with a grip only a lover could have. She lifted a finger and pressed it to my nose, sliding it down over my lips she said softly, lovingly, "we are going to dive in".

"but it’s cold?"

"what are you scared?" She was pulling me down the steps as we continued closer to the water, giggling all the way. I fell in love with that laugh from the moment we met.

"no" I said as I followed after. But I was lying to her. Not to her face for she was no longer facing my way. Already ahead of me down on the beach ready to dive in. I wanted so much to run after her and dive in with her, with no thoughts but the sound of her voice to consume me, but all I could hear in the depths of my head was the word death followed by the face of the one I loved. It wasn’t the water that was cold, it was me. And I was about to freeze to death.

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Meeting tumblr people is always a treat




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